Wanna add a little bit of pep to an otherwise standard event?  Want to set your event apart from the rest?

Maybe it’s a time of celebration, or it could be a time to make a point- or maybe it is just time to SHAKE THINGS UP!  Whatever the reason, we can take your event to the next level.  With a huge resource of ideas, games, activities, fun rental items, and more- we are confident that our planners can help you to pep up any meeting.

Many organizations go in and out each and every year with the same meetings, the same banquets, and the same old stuff all the time… At our company, we specialize in bringing in new elements that will spice up your meetings.

We have utilized game show programs as training tools, created team building processes that educate, put together interactive voting programs for shareholders meeting, and more.  Our professional event planners and creative implementation specialists can help you to build your meeting from year to year.

We worked once with a local non profit who wanted to shake up a long lasting banquet they had been having for years to celebrate their donors, volunteers, and the achievements of the organization.  It had been years of standard speeches, arrive, eat, listen, leave…  What we did was add a theme, create some interactive activities, and they received all kinds of rave reviews.  This impacted involvement incredibly, and actually grew revenues for the organization the following year!

A little bit of effort goes a long way, and while it is easy to get stuck in a pattern- sometimes rocking the boat can be a good thing.  If you are thinking of trying to make one of your next events a little more interesting- give us a call.  There are open ears on this end of the phone!