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Oktoberfest Event Essentials

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Oktoberfest Events occur all over the world.  Modeled after the original Oktoberfest Festival which was first celebrated in 18010 in Munich, Germany – (and is still today the worlds largest)  Oktoberfest events are used throughout the world to celebrate agriculture and community.  The Oktoberfest theme has been adopted by all kinds of event planners for private events, corporate parties, fundraising events, and community fairs/festivals.  Events Unlimited has provided many Oktoberfest events with a wide variety of rentals, decor, and event support services- and this page is dedicated to our offerings and the event essentials for planners looking to host a gathering with this Bavarian Theme.

Oktoberfest Theme Decor

We have plenty of seating for any Oktoberfest event.

Oktoberfest Ideas and Event Essentials.

Oktoberfest Table Rentals – The original tables have been used at Oktoberfest for centuries are still manufactured in Germany.  Events Unlimited has a large rental inventory of these tables which are often booked out for Oktoberfest themed events.  We have a large quantity of these tables and can seat good sized crowds.  Find more information here

Oktoberfest Decor – Events Unlimited offers a huge assortment of event decor and design services specific to an Oktoberfest theme.  We are very experienced at transforming spaces to create themes, and our existing decor inventory includes a large amount of Oktoberfest decor.

  • Large Ribbons – Large ribbons are draped over beer halls to create a great feeling of festival and celebration.  Events Unlimited is experienced with the rigging of aerial decor items for Oktoberfest themes.  Our skilled designers and experienced riggers work together to build jaw dropping installations at all kinds of event venues.
  • Large Wreaths –  Often an Oktoberfest decor package features a large overhead wreath draped in ribbons.  Events Unlimited offers wreath hanging and rigging services for your Bavarian themed events.
  • Greenery/Hedging – We have a large offering of boxwood hedges and other greenery options to create the perfect natural feeling of an outdoor Oktoberfest celebration.

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Oktoberfest Event Decor and Wreath Rigging

  • Table Centerpieces :: Floral Decor – Events Unlimited’s full in house floral department produces centerpieces and table decorations fit for any event theme.
  • Custom Beer Flags   :: We customize all kinds of items to meet the branding/messaging of your event.
  • Event Entrance/Signs Installation – Where people enter your event is the first place you want to make a statement.  Our entrance vignettes have been crafted to meet a variety of different looks and feels.

Our event decor options are quite broad and we offer a full selection of support services/installation and removal with our decor.  See some more of our work
Overhead Wreath Décor – Arborvitae Trees  – 4’x8’ Box Hedges  – Faux Hay Bales  –  Wine/Whiskey Barrels – Event Entrance Arches – Sign/Installation – Table Linens – Table Top Décor  – Arrangements in Beer Steins – Themed Found Items,  etc.

We have also used Bistro lights to transform a space for an intimate feel.

Biergarten  – Beer Garden

Oktoberfest Entrance Decor

A custom event sign for the otherwise discrete venue entrance and some plants tells guests where to go!

A Beer Garden is often the center of the event.  However, we have planned dry Oktoberfest events on occasion and can achieve a lot of positive results with decor, the right selection of games/activities, and a fun old fashioned soda station- which allows guests to enjoy fun non alcoholic beverages on tap.

Soda Fountain Rental

Our western themed soda fountain can be provided with or without a cover on the wagon… Without the cover it works great for oktoberfest events and many themes…

If you are looking for full service beer/bar service- we can also be of assistance. Our licensed servers are available in Classic Bavarian costume as well!

If your beer garden needs fencing to meet alcohol service requirements, we have the fencing, if you want to create a beer hall- we have the tenting.  We have options in all shapes and sizes – from regular party rental canopies to full size clear span tent rentals.

Events Unlimited is your full service event production partner!

Oktoberfest Games/ Activity Ideas

Events Unlimited has a massive selection of event and festival entertainment options that are available to special events.  With full scope carnival services, featuring carnival amusements, attractions, inflatable games, carnival games, midway activities and more we can outfit the largest of special events.

We can also provide a smaller selection of games for smaller and more intimate groups.

Oktoberfest Games & Activities List:

  • Giant Checkers
  • Giant Chess
  • Corn Hole
  • Giant Connect Four
  • Giant Jenga
  • Beer Pong Tables
  • Shuffleboard Table
  •  Washers
  • Bocce Ball Court
  • Horse Shoes
  • Giant Jenga
  • Ladder Ball
  • Electric Darts

Learn German Passport Activity             

Participants have to translate a series of funny German phrases that are positioned throughout the event space. Those that complete the activity are then entered into a raffle drawing!

Other Carnival Games                           

  •               Sausage Toss
  •               Pretzel Ringer

Oktoberfest Craft Station  Ideas                          

  • Lederhosen Dress up station
  • Blue and White Bead Station
  • German Paper Star Craft
  • Kazoo Decoration Station

Interactive Contests

  • Alphorn Karaoke
  • Yodeling Contest

Events Unlimited is your Oktoberfest planning headquarters.  If you are planning something Oktoberfest – Let us help you!