“Time is really the only capital that any human being has, and the only thing he can’t afford to lose.” - Thomas A. Edison


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These kinds of services are key in streamlining, simplifying and de-cluttering various aspects of your life. You delegate time consuming or unaligned tasks to your concierge who in turn handles them in a timely and efficient manner. The benefits of working with these types of professionals include greater productivity, simplification, more free time and life-work balance.

Our goal is to provide exceptional service, value and communication! To do this we want to get to know and understand our clients, their needs, requests and other particulars to do our best work. For first time clients we ask that you text, email or fill out our form. We will be in touch shortly to set up a discovery call and assuming we are a great fit, continue with on-boarding and scheduling.

⦁ From here we go over our task request and scheduling protocol with you so you know how to work with us going forward.

I use Square (Visa and Mastercard) and also accept payment via Venmo.
We pride ourselves on simple and straightforward pricing. We offer hourly rates as well as recurring membership pricing to fit your needs. Please find pricing information listed below!
Absolutely! By nature personal assistant services are…well, personal. Because we work very closely with our clients, we often have access to and knowledge of sensitive and even confidential information. We guard and value our clients privacy and understand that private lives should remain private. As a result, a confidentiality clause forbidding our assistants from disclosing any client information is built into all TimeWise client contracts. In addition, however, we are happy to consider Nondisclosure Agreements once our legal team has reviewed this agreement.
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