Tent Washing Machine

We have a giant washing machine for tents, and we follow processes to ensure clean and disinfected tent and structure rentals.

Clean as a whistle!

At Events Unlimited- we place a priority on cleanliness, sanitation, and disinfection of our equipment.  In the past several years, we have heavily invested in the infrastucture and equipment to increase our cleaning capabilities.

Our Tent washing machine has the capability of washing over 2000 square foot of vinyl tent fabric at time.  We utilize a detergent wash that contains Sodium Carbonate.

Wash cycle and rinsing.

Our tent washer runs for 30mins to an hour dependant on the size of the load we have in it.  It rolls and agitates the tent fabric and coats all surfaces thoroughly with detergent.   The water is then drained and refilled to go through rince cycles.

Once the water rinses the tent top, sidewall, or other fabric clean- the fabrics are immediately hung to dry in our warehouse facility.  Dry time varies dependant on the temperature and air movement.

2000 sq ft of fabric goes inside our giant tent washing machine!